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New Home . Condo . Rental .
Hotel Make your living space SMART

Rental Property Manager

Improve your operational efficiency

Real Estate Developer

Create your own brand of Smart Home

Property Owner

Increase occupancy rate, rent and property value

Home sales and renovation companies

Give value-added options for home-buyers

Hotels and Private Lodgings

Protect against COVID-19 and improve usability

The 3 values of LiveSmart

Smart Home- More Convenient, Safer lifestyle with added Security
Smart Relationships - Get to know and engage with your customers
Smart Management - Efficient and automated setup and operations


- Convenience, Safety and Security + Super Cheap!!
- Differentiate your brand and customer experience by converting your properties into "IoT Smart Home"


Stay engaged with your customers while apartment is rented, or even after sale is completed.
Improve Customer Lifetime Value through additional sale of products and services


Great features to make your setup and operations very efficient.
For Rental Managers and private lodging operators -- give time-bound access for entry as well as use of smart home features to service staff and self-visiting prospective tenant.


LS Mini Next

Smart Remote for a comfortable life

  • Control your appliances from your App or by voice.
  • Provides a variety of convenient functions, such as batch operation of multiple home appliances, operation at a specified time, operation by location information from a smartphone, and operation based on room temperature and brightness.
  • Unique AI features provide a comfortable experience that is individually optimized for each user.
About LS Mini Next

LS App

Connect to various devices with your smartphone

  • Linking with a wide variety of home appliances, smart devices and housing equipment, and expanding
  • Notifications allow you to watch over children, pets and distant family members, and home security

Operable devices

Can be operated from a variety of devices including apps, voice and Android TV

IR devices

Air conditioners, TVs, ceiling lights, fans, and the ability to create your own remote control with the learning function

Smart Devices and Home Appliances

You can control devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi or BLE (Bluetooth), such as lights, plugs, cameras, locks, various sensors, water heaters, and floor heating.
If you have the device you want to connect, we can help you connect it to the LiveSmart platform. Please contact us to find out more.


LS Chatbot

AI chatbot to streamline your inquiry handling operations

  • AI chatbot answers residents' queries
  • Call center operations can be streamlined by understanding the history of the chatbot

LS Message

Strengthen customer relationships and create business opportunities

  • Delivering messages using a smart home LINE account
  • The LINE app account that customers use on a daily basis, so ensure that you reach your customers
  • Individual and simultaneous contact with residents is possible, as well as service announcements


LS Dashboard

Smart home operator-side management functions

  • Management of smart home usage rights when moving in and out
  • Analysis of Smart Home Usage
  • Guest users can be authorized with a one-time pass
  • Guests don't need to download a dedicated app and can control appliances from the LINE app


Private viewers can use an electronic key to enter the room without having to hand over a physical key

  • Can be linked to various smart locks for self-initiation.
  • Private viewers can use the LINE app to unlock the door with a one-time pass.
  • Automatically turns off the air conditioning at the end of the preview.


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